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network reorganisation of procedural memory during sleep

Posted comment on ´Network-wide reorganisation of procedural memory during NREM sleep revealed by fMRI` by S. Vahdat, S. Fogel, H. Benali and J. Dovon and published in eLife 2017;6:e24987 doi 10.7554/eLife.2498 SUMMARY Vahdat and colleagues described in their article their … Continue reading

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short rest after learning aids recall

Posted comment on ´ A 10 minute rest can boost memory like sleep` by J. Hamzelou and published in New Scientist 9th January 2016 issue 3055 p. 9. SUMMARY In her article Hamzelou reported on the findings of Dewar that … Continue reading

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learning during sleep

Posted comment on ´Inducing Task-Relevant Responses to Speech in the Sleeping Brain` By Sid Kouider, Thomas Andrillon, Leonardo S. Barbosa, Louise Goupil and Tristan A. Bekinschtein and published in Curr Biol. Sept 22nd, 2014; 24(18): 2208–2214. SUMMARY This research by … Continue reading

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