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Self-awareness and the mirror self-recognition test

Posted comment on ´The why of me` by S. Deleniv and published in New Scientist issue no. 3194 8th September 2018 p. 29 SUMMARY Deleniv begins her article by describing how only a few biological species are capable of self-recognition … Continue reading

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nucleus accumbens activity predicts group behaviour in crowdfunding task

Posted comment on ´When brain beats behaviour: neuroforecasting crowdfunding outcomes` by A. Genevsky, C. Yoon and B. Knutson and published in Journal of Neuroscience vol 37(36) 2017 p. 8625, COMMENT Genevsky, Yoon and Knutson investigated whether neural activity could … Continue reading

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investigation of default mode network role in automatic decision making

Posted comment on ´Default mode contributions to automated information processing` by D. Vatansever, D.K.  Menon and E.A. Stamatakis and published in PNAS October 23rd 2017 doi 10.1073/pnas.1710521114 SUMMARY Vatansever, Menon and Stamatakis investigated the role of the Default Mode Network … Continue reading

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feature binding in human visual working memory

Posted comment on ´Neural architecture for feature binding in visual working memory` by S.Schneegans and P.M. Bays and published in Journal of Neuroscience April 2017 vol 37 (14) page 3913 SUMMARY Schneegans and Bays propose in their article that … Continue reading

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interbrain cortical synchronisation in motor areas encodes aspects of social interaction

Posted comment on ´Interbrain cortical synchronisation encodes multiple aspects of social interactions in monkey pairs` by P. Tseng, S. Rajangam, G. Lehew, M.A. Lebedev and M.A.L: Nicolelis and published in Scientific Reports vol 8 article number 4699 (2018) SUMMARY Tseng … Continue reading

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local translation and the role of the RNA binding protein

Posted comment on ´The function of RNA-binding proteins at the synapse: implications for neurodegeneration`  by C.F. Sephton and G.Yu and published in Cell. Mol. Life Sci. 2015 vol 72 page 3621 doi 10.1007/s00018-015-1943-x SUMMARY Sephton and Yu began their article … Continue reading

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neuronal firing relating to pain and the influence of anxiety

Posted comment on ´Determining the neural substrate for encoding a memory of human pain and the influence of anxiety` written by M. Tseng, Y. Kong, F. Eippert and I. Tracey and published in Journal of Neuroscience December 2017 vol. 37 … Continue reading

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