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role of angular gyrus in autobiographical memory and the Self

Posted comment on ´Specifying a causal role for angular gyrus in autobiographical memory` by H.M. Bonnici, L.G. Cheke, D.A.E. Green, T.H.M.B. FitzGerald and J.S. Simons and published in Journal of Neuroscience 2018 vol 38 (49) p. 10438 doi.org/10.1523/JNEUROSCI.1239-18.2018 SUMMARY In … Continue reading

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Self-awareness and the mirror self-recognition test

Posted comment on ´The why of me` by S. Deleniv and published in New Scientist issue no. 3194 8th September 2018 p. 29 SUMMARY Deleniv begins her article by describing how only a few biological species are capable of self-recognition … Continue reading

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inhibition of visual input by top-down modulation in the case of conscious awareness of information in working memory

Posted comment on ´Attention, working memory and phenomenal experience of WM content: memory levels determined by different types of top-down modulation` by J. Jacob, C. Jacobs and J.Silvanto and published in Frontiers in Psychology volume 6 Article 16033 October 2015 … Continue reading

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event related potentials show primary visual consciousness

Posted comment on ´Cortical Neural Synchronisation Underlies Primary Visual Consciousness of Qualia: Evidence from Event-Related Potentials` by C.Babiloni, N. Marzona, A. Soricelli, S. Cordone, J.C. Millan-Calenti, C. Del Percio and A. Bujan and published in Front.Hum. Neurosci. 30th June 2016, … Continue reading

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consciousness and attention are not fully dissociable in all circumstances

Posted comment on ´Against the view that consciousness and attention are fully dissociable` by G. Marchetti and published in Front. Psychol. 15th February 2012, doi / 10.3389/fpsyg.2012.00036 SUMMARY Marchetti in his review article provides argument against the view that consciousness … Continue reading

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link between Self and neural responses to heartbeats

Posted comment on ´ Neural Responses to Heartbeats in the Default Network Encode the Self in Spontaneous Thoughts` by M. Babo-Rebelo, C.G. Richter and C. Taillon-Baudry and published in Journal of Neuroscience 27 July 2016 36 830) 7829 doi 10.1523/JNEUROSCI,0262-16.2016 … Continue reading

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Quantifying consciousness

Posted comment on ´The One-Second Test of Consciousness` by A. Ananthaswamy and published in New Scientist 20th February 2016 issue no. 3061 p. 10 SUMMARY Ananthaswamy describes in his article how scientific groups are beginning to formulate a method by … Continue reading

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