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microtubule and actin differentially regulate synaptic vesicle cycling in calyx of Held tissue

Posted comment on ´Microtubule and actin differentially regulate synaptic vesicle cycling to maintain high frequency neurotransmission` written by L. Piriya, A. Babu, H.-Y. Wang, K. Eguchi, L. Guillaud and T. Takahashi and published in Journal of Neuroscience January 2020 40(1) … Continue reading

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possible role of action potential backpropogation in pyramid cell apical dendrite tufts

Posted comment on ´The stochastic nature of action potential backpropogation in apical tuft dendrites` written by S.M. Short, K.D. Oikonomou, W.-L. Zhou and C.D. Acker and published in Journal of Neurophysiology 2017 SUMMARY Short and colleagues investigated the variability … Continue reading

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effects of sleep deprivation on neuronal connectivity

Posted comment on ´Intrinsic brain connectivity after partial sleep deprivation in young and older adults: results from the Stockholm Sleepy Brain study` written by G. Nilsonne, S. Tamm, J. Schwarz, R. Almeida, H. Fischer, G. Kecklund, M. Lekander, P. Fransson … Continue reading

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effect of attention on event characteristic selectivity and neuronal adaptation

Posted comment on ´Interactions between conscious and subconscious signals: selective attention under feature-based competition increases neural selectivity during brain adaptation` written by Y. Kikuchi, J. Ip, G. Lagier, J.C. Mossom, S. Kumar, C.I. Petkov, N.E. Barraclough and Q.C. Vuong and … Continue reading

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substantia nigral dopaminergic function in Parkinson disease

Posted comment on ´Habitual behaviour and dopamine cell vulnerability in Parkinson disease` by L.F. Hernández, P. Redgrave and J.A. Obeso and published in Frontiers Neuroanatomy 6th August 2015 doi 10.3389/fnana.2015.00099 SUMMARY This opinion article written by Hernández, Redgrave and Obeso … Continue reading

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hippocampus firing defines event boundaries in continuous experiences

Posted comment on ´The hippocampal film editor: sensitivity and specificity to event boundaries in continuous experience`  by A.B. Yakov and R.N. Henson and published in Journal of Neuroscience 2018 vol 38 (47) p. 10057 SUMMARY Yakov and Henson in … Continue reading

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firing differences of tonically active interneurons in the striatum to reward events

Published comment on ´Differences between dorsal and ventral striatum in the sensitivity of tonically active neurons to rewarding events` by K. Marche, A-C. Martel and P. Apicella and published in Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience 24th July 2017 SUMMARY Marche, … Continue reading

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tau pathology effects on neuronal firing

Posted comment on ´Pathological tau strains from human brains recapitulate the diversity of tauopathies in non-transgenic mouse brain` by S. Narasimhan, J.L. Guo, L. Changolkar, A. Stieber, J.D. McBride, L.V. Silva, Z. He, B. Zhang, R.J. Gathagan, J.Q. Trojanowski and … Continue reading

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the structure and function of the cerebellum

Published comment on ´The Secret of You` by C. Williams and published in New Scientist issue no. 3185 7th July 2018 p. 36 SUMMARY In her article Williams describes the change in view of the worth from a neuroscientific perspective … Continue reading

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Self-awareness and the mirror self-recognition test

Posted comment on ´The why of me` by S. Deleniv and published in New Scientist issue no. 3194 8th September 2018 p. 29 SUMMARY Deleniv begins her article by describing how only a few biological species are capable of self-recognition … Continue reading

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